Nuclear Energy


Nuclear Energy

NUCLEP was created in 1975 to attend the Brazilian Nuclear Program. In this segment it was responsible for the supply of heavy equipment to the Angra 2 nuclear power plant, including three Condensers, eight Accumulators and Supercompact Racks; By the production of two substituting Steam Generators to the Angra 1 nuclear power plant; By supplying the Angra 3 nuclear power plant Pressurizer; By the manufacture of the lower section of the Atucha 1 nuclear power plant reactor Pressure Vessel - Argentina; For the provision of two Whole Body Unit - one for the Government of Cuba and one for the Brazilian Government - CNEN; And for the supply of the LABGENE Pressure Vessel of the Technological Center of the Navy in São Paulo. Currently, NUCLEP has contracts for the supply of tanks to the Nucleoelectric Generation Laboratory - LABGENE, for the supply of three Condensers and eight Accumulators for the Angra 3 nuclear power plant, for the supply of the Reactor Pressure Vessel and two Steam Generators to the submarine propulsion unit and the supply of UF6 transportation cylinders to the Nuclear Industries of Brazil and Fundação Pátria – Brazilian Navy.

Project Portfolio in the Nuclear Industry



Pressurizer – Angra III Nuclear Power Plant


LABGENE Reactor Pressure Vessel


Steam Generator to Angra I Nuclear Power Plant – ASME III (330t)


Steam Condenser – Angra III Nuclear Power Plant


Accumulators – Angra III Nuclear Power Plant