Manufacturing Plant

parque industrial da NUCLEP

The NUCLEP Manufacturing Plant

It occupies an area of 1 million square meters in the Brisamar neighborhood, in the city of Itaguaí, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, and has a set of machining, welding, calendering and heat treatment machines unique in the country. In its main warehouse with a nominal capacity of cargo handling of up to 600 tons, and in special cases, it can reach 900 tons, is the Clean Room, class 100.000.


NUCLEP has a helipad of its own with a landing and take-off area.

Maritime Terminal

The equipments manufactured by NUCLEP are delivered by the private, roll-on-roll-off maritme terminal, with a capacity of up to 1.000 tons, presenting a competitive advantage for intermodal (road, sea and river) handling of indivisible and surplus cargoes.

Geographic Positioning

The industrial park is equidistant from major markets for large equipment, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais. In terms of logistics, NUCLEP is in a comfortable situation, because it has its own maritme terminal. Is located on the banks of the BR-101 Sul (Rio-Santos Highway) and the Metropolitan Arch of Rio de Janeiro, besides being a few kilometers from the Port of Itaguaí. This way NUCLEP can receive raw materials and to ship products with higher capacity on its terminal.

Delivery of the Steam Generator - Angra I (330t).