Nuclebrás Equipamentos Pesados S.A. made, in February 2017, an internal campaign to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue, chikungunya and zika virus. The campaign pretend to warn everyone about the health hazards, as well as mobilize employees and their families to combat the Aedes aegypti in their homes. Nuclep, with educational primers, flyers and specific lectures, warn and inform employees, family members and society about the preventive measures, and other relevant guidance of symptoms and actions that should be taken in case of illness.



Nuclep is seeking to promote sustainable patterns of production and consumption, conservation of natural resources and poverty reduction through the green Logistics plan commission, that develops the green Logistics annual plan, based on normative ruling number 10/12 of Logistic and Information Technology Secretariat of Planning Ministry. This plann is a planning tool with objectives and goals to be achieved, that will enable education changes, increasing the sustainable consumption, recycling and Sustainable purchases. The adoption of sustainability actions guarantees, in the medium and long term, a planet in good condition for the development of the various forms of life, including human life. Today it is necessary to be aware that the human being is able to interact with the world and still preserving the environment, without compromising the natural resources necessary for the next generations. This Plan contains at least: rational use of natural resources, goods, materials and services; management of the waste; and quality of life in the work environment.



Nuclebrás Equipamentos Pesados S.A. maintains a program of selective solidary collection, in accordance with Federal Decree Number 5.940/06, which establishes the separation of recyclable waste by the generator and its destination to the associations and cooperatives of the collectors of recyclable materials. The purpose of this Program is to promote the socioeconomic inclusion of recyclable waste Collectors’ organizations, increase the recycling rate, and minimize the environmental impacts caused by the unappropriated disposal of debris. The implementation of the selective solidarity collection began in November/2008, with the creation of the committee of selective solidarity collection. Since then, NUCLEP has signed terms of donation with cooperatives chosen by public instrument of convocation and public raffle, as required by the Decree.