Special Coordination of Welding Engineering

Due of its specialization as a heavy boiler company, NUCLEP has a Welding Engineering sector, created to study and guarantee production quality. Composed of a body of engineers specialized in materials and engineering welding, technicians and support staff such as supervisors and welders. Its main activities are: Planning and Definition of welding methods and welding processes applicable to a particular product, including the specification of the materials and consumables involved; Technical Support for manufacturing; Training and Qualification of welders and welding operators; Qualification and Welding Procedures. NUCLEP has a welding workshop with all the necessary facilities to carry out the training and qualification works. With recognized excellence in the welding of carbon steel, low alloys and stainless steel, with a thickness of up to 300mm, as well as nickel and titanium alloys, it is in this workshop that new processes and welding of new materials are tested and developed. Currently,  Molybdenum-Vanadium (CrMoV) steels.


Quality control

Nuclebrás Equipamentos Pesados ​​S/A - NUCLEP has, within its quality control, a series of differentials that qualify itself as one of the largest heavy boiler industry in the world. Bunker to perform radiographs without interruption of work in the factory; mechanical testing laboratory (traction, compression, impact, folding, pellini, fatigue) and metallographic (micrography and macrography); instruments and equipment calibration laboratory recognized and accepted by the Society of Mechanical Engineers of the United States (ASME), Eletronuclear and Petrobras; all these activities and the inspections of the works are carried out by qualified professionals and certified by national entities, such as: FBTS, ABENDI, ABRACO; and International: ASME.


General Technical Management

Considered a center of professional excellence, the competence of Nuclebras Heavy Equipment S/A - NUCLEP for the production of equipment begins in the development of the mechanical design. For this, the professional team of the company relies on specialized engineers and modern computational resources for calculations and analyzes by the finite element method. Defined the item to be produced, highly qualified workers develop the manufacturing project, that is, they define the sequence, the methods and the manufacturing processes, as well as the necessary documents for the acquisition of materials, equipment or services, drawings, plans and executive procedures. In addition, they produce the documents in order to ensure that the final product has the specifications and requirements contracted.

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