Strategic for the unique characteristics of its facilities, equipment and mastered technology, NUCLEP reinforces the Brazilian base industry, contributing to the industrial and economic development of the country. Due to its efficient quality assurance system, it is an important reference of Brazil around the world. Linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, and located in the city of Itaguaí (RJ), it's an industry that produces capital goods on demand, preferentially in the area of heavy boilermaking. It's a mixed-economy society ruled by the Law n.º 6.404/76 (Corporation Law), by the Decree n.º 76.805/75 (Decree of Creation), by its Statute and other applicable legal provisions. The corporate purpose of NUCLEP, under the Statute, is to design, develop, manufacture and ccommercialize heavy components related to nuclear power plants, shipbuilding, offshore and other projects. It is managed by a president and three directors, elected by the Shareholders' General Meeting. By the composition and competence established in its Statute, the General Meeting, the Administrative Council, the Fiscal Council and the Executive Board are part of the company's primary organization. The Administrative Council, composed of six members, is headed by the president of the Nation Nuclear Energy Commission, NUCLEP's controlling body. The organizational structure of NUCLEP covers deliberation bodies (General Meeting and Administrative Council), oversight body (Fiscal Council), higher management bodies (Executive Board and Presidency), Administrative, Industrial and Commercial Directories and their managements.


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